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“HOMECOMING” collection

by Or Yair Bitton

Or Yair Bitton is inspired by the Israeli artist and teacher, Haim Meroz, who have been working and creating in the arts field for the past 60 years in Israel, in Kibbutz “Mishmar Hasharon” which he was born in and shaped his character at.


“ As a part of my research, i came back to the Kibbutz together with Haim, and soaked up inspiration from his and the locals’ fascinating life stories, the ideology of the Kibbutz, the open spaces, the smells and mainly the agriculture and fishing, which were the foundations that the kibbutz was built on, back in those times of Haim Meroz’s childhood”.


The collection represents the fusion between life at that time in the kibbutz and the modern life nowadays, through Or eyes, while preserving the distinctive design guidelines that characterises Highlight Studio. Artist Haim meroz’s paintings have been combined throughout the collection on key items and have been given a much deserved place of honour together with other statement pieces and must have items. “

The key items of the homecoming collection are the button up shirts, which were inspired by the picnic culture that was identified with the kibbutz and the agriculture workers. 

Another statement pieces in the collection will be the denim jeans pants. The designers’ unique reinterpretation to the traditional familiar jeans pants; a two-in-one combo piece of denim fabric at the top and 100% thin wool at the bottom of the pants. 

And lastly, the unisex waist-tie, double-breasted blazer, which represents the beautiful collision between the kibbutz “simple life” and high end fashion. 

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