By Or Yair Bitton

‏Or Yair Bitton, was born in 1992, in Petah Tikva, later moving to Tel Aviv before spending a short time in Milan.

‏He acquired his professional training at the Shenkar School for Design whilst also working for a local brands during his studies.
‏During this period he designed for several Israeli brands. As part of his work, he participated in several projects both in Israel and overseas including fashion weeks in Tel Aviv, Belgrade and Berlin. After three years of activity for several brands ,he began developing his own brand. He decided to develope his own brand identity that focussed on an experimental line of unisex garments. These have since been presented at the prestigious showroom in Paris, part of the Fashion Week events, resulting in very positive reviews.

‏He has more recently further developed his ideas and skills at the prestigious Central Saint Martins school in London,
‏In 2017, he became a designer at LEVI’S Israel and was recognized for his ready made design for LEVI’S items.
‏2018 saw the inauguration on the HIGHLIGHT STUDIO brand. Or founded this men’s brand that specialises in modern tailoring. The emphasis of these new designs will be
‏minimalist and clean with a focus on the small details.

‏Among the designer’s latest creations are the following items; crisp buttoned shirts, blazers and fitted trousers. However, the studio also designs and manufactures additional clothing items/accessories and also offers a bespoke design and manufacturing to those customers who require a more tailored service.

‏The inspiration for many of Or’s designs are varied. He takes inspiration from childhood memories, mentors who shaped and influenced his life, and of course exposure to trends from his travels around the world where he has encountered a variety of different cultures, museums, architecture and history.